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2020 – The future of betting on racing – Landmark study unveiled at ARC

Asian Racing Conference - The Hong Kong Jockey Club
2020 – The future of betting on racing – Landmark study unveiled at ARC

Expert market analyst Jennifer Owens is recognised in the investment community as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the racing and sports betting sector. The Hong Kong Conference will see her unveil a landmark report on the sector and in future funding that will be available to racing.

Taking a global perspective, her report will chart the current trends in wagering, analyse the internal and external factors which are influencing the sector’s performance, and give a clear-sighted view of what the future holds for betting on racing, and by implication the funding of racing.

Ms Owens’ co-panellists at the Conference include titans of the betting sector, Phillipe Germond (PMU CEO), Breon Corcoran (Betfair CEO) and Winfried Engelbrecht Bresges (HKJC CEO).

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