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15 December 2009 PRESS RELEASE FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF HORSERACING AUTHORITIES (IFHA) As a follow-up to the exchange of views between IFHA and FEI, after the decision of the last General Assembly of FEI to adopt the “Progressive List” allowing the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during horses competitions, the IFHA Chairman, Louis ROMANET, has noted the FEI Bureau decision to postpone its implementation until April 5th 2010 and would like to express his great concern. At a time when IFHA is encouraging worldwide harmonisation with the implementation of a new policy based on the principle of a no-effect level for therapeutic substances, the IFHA Chairman wants especially to stress that this change of policy of FEI compromises equine welfare which should be an absolute priority for competitions of horses. So, IFHA is asking FEI to re-open the debate at international level and to review its position in liaison with all the official organisations concerned which have very widely expressed their will for a “Clean Sport” policy. Louis ROMANET IFHA Chairman Tel + 33 1 49 10 20 15 Fax + 33 1 47 61 93 32 Email : Web :
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