Monday, January 09, 2006
Int’l promotion of U.K. pool betting

The pari-mutuel betting company Race O said it would increase international promotion of its pool betting on U.K. races. The U.K. Tote has a legal monopoly to offer pari-mutuel betting in the U.K. and Race O will therefore have to sell its pool bets on U.K. racing to foreign bettors only.

Race-O, which started operations seven weeks ago, said in the Racing Post to have 400 to 500 people playing their pick-8 bet. It takes bets two times a week and guarantees a jackpot of UK£25K (US$ 45K) for the weekday and UK£100K for the weekend races day. It has an agreement with BHB to pay a contribution to UK racing. The website claims not to take bets from US and Costa Rican citizen.

Race O is based in Kahnawake, an Indian reserve in Canada which has its own gaming jurisdiction. Race-O.