Committees - Committee of the Harmonisaton


Terms of Reference
  1. To identify those rules, in consultation with the Executive Council of the IFHA, where a common approach would most benefit racing internationally.
  2. To encourage the harmonisation of race day rules and regulations amongst member countries so as to promote the internationalisation of horse racing.
  3. To draft proposed articles in respect of those rules, for approval by the Executive Council and subsequent inclusion in the International Agreement on Breeding, Racing and Wagering.
  4. To draft proposals, taking into account fairness, integrity, safety and welfare of horse and rider, commercial factors and the confidence of the betting public.

Current Membership

Kim Kelly, Hong Kong Jockey Club

Terry Bailey, Racing Victoria Limited
Oscar Bertoletti, O.S.A.F.
Denis Egan, Irish Turf Club
Ted Hill, New York Racing Association
Arnold Hyde, The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa Atsushi Kikuta, Japan Racing Association
Henri Pouret, France Galop
Rüdiger Schumann, European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation
Jamie Stier, British Horseracing Authority