56th International Conference

October 3 Monday, 2022

10:30 am

Opening by IFHA Chair  

IFHA Chair Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges will welcome members, key stakeholders, and media, and provide an overview of the challenges currently facing racing and of the conference programme.

10.45 am

Session 1: US - Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority  

The Jockey Club

  • Stuart S. Janney III, Chairman

Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority

  • Lisa Lazarus, CEO

This session focuses on the newly established Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA), and opens with the Chairman of The Jockey Club (U.S.), Stuart S. Janney III, highlighting the current state of U.S. breeding and racing, and the significance of HISA. Lisa Lazarus, CEO of HISA, will provide an overview of the establishment and work of HISA, its current challenges, and future plans.

12.00 pm


1.15 pm

Session 2: Broadening Racing’s Appeal  

A pre-recorded interview will be shared that was conducted by racing broadcaster and presenter Rishi Persad with Tony Parker, former NBA player and current racehorse owner, enthusiast, and ambassador.

Serving as conference emcee, Rishi Persad will then pivot to an in-person panel discussion with Emmanuel Vacher, Chief Marketing Officer of the PMU, and Julien Levilain, Associate and General Manager of Buzzman, the creative agency responsible for a number of PMU campaigns, including that with footballer Antoine Griezmann.

2:00 pm

Session 3: Addressing Climate Change and Sustainability, Macroeconomic Trends, Case Studies, and a Profile in Horse Racing

  • Clarisse Magnin-Mallez, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Brant Dunshea, Chief Regulatory Officer, British Horseracing Authority and Project Executive Sponsor for the Report on Environmental and Sustainability in British

Following presentations by Ms Magnin-Mallez and Mr Dunshea, Conference emcee Rishi Persad will moderate a panel session with Q&A from our audience.

3.00 pm


3.20 pm

Promotion of 39th Asian Racing Conference

  • Carly Dixon, Executive General Manager, Racing Victoria

This session features a presentation from Racing Victoria, the host of the 39th Asian Racing Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Ms Dixon will provide an overview of the conference and the invitation for IFHA members and stakeholders to participate.

Conference Information

14-19 February 2023
Melbourne, Australia


3.30 pm

Session 4: Learnings from the Pandemic

  • Masayuki Goto, President and CEO of the Japan Racing Association
  • Vee Moodley, Chief Executive Officer, The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa
  • Daniel Krüger, Managing Director, Deutscher Galopp e.V. (Germany)

Following a presentation by Mr Goto, conference emcee Rishi Persad will moderate a panel session with Mr Goto, Mr Moodley, and Mr Krüger, with Q & A from our audience.

4:15 pm

Closing by IFHA Chair

The conference will conclude with a short speech from the IFHA Chair thanking speakers, members, and other stakeholders for their participation in the conference. It will also outline the key themes to explore.