Friday, February 17, 2012
Progress Report on McKinsey Study (USA)

The Jockey Club (US) released the update of the ‘Mckinsey Study’ whose details have been presented by Mr. Jim GAGLIANO, President & COO of The Jockey Club and Vice Chairman of the IFHA, at the Annual Conference last year and attracted attention from the audience.
Mr. Louis Romanet, Chairman of the IFHA, was pleased with the progress and said ‘I am very happy to read the progress report. Making a plan is one thing and implementation which will be more important, is quite another. I wish this would be a textbook example for other members in the middle of the difficult business environment.’

Here are some key contents of the report:
Communications and TV coverage

  • New NTRA Communications team is successful to publicize and    promote racing throughout the mainstream media and social networks.
  • In collaboration with NBC and 6 racetracks, The Jockey Club will provide live coverage of 6 major preparatory races for the 2012 Kentucky Derby.
  • The Jockey Club is also planning to develop a television presence and integrate it with digital media properties.

New Website

  • By re-branding the NTRA website, the new website is focusing on developing new horseracing fans and fostering a welcoming community of new and core fans.

Free to Play Game and Social Game

  • To develop a free-to-play game for casual fans so that they can learn about wagering with no-risk method.
  • Developing a new social game to make an entertainment platform.

Scheduling Tool

  • Developing a new tool to help racing secretaries scheduling race program in order to maximize wagering handle and create the best possible racing plan to fit horse inventory.


  • In cooperation with owner/breeder community, creating central resources which will provide variety of information for encouraging ownership is underway.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

  • Developing a business plan for a centralized CRM system is underway to attract next generation of racing fans.

Please go to the following site for more detailed information of the report.

Presentation at the 2011 Annual Conference:


Aki AKITANI (Deputy Secretary General)