Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Continuing Program for Retired Horses in US

IFHA News No.1 (2011)
To: IFHA/FIAH Members
Date: 26 January, 2011

REF: Continuing Retirement Checkoff Program in the US

The Jockey Club (US) has renewed ‘Retirement Checkoff Program’ that enables owners and breeders to support Thoroughbred aftercare programs at the time they register their foals in 2011, and will once again donate $200,000 to the program.
The ‘Retirement Checkoff Program’ for retired thoroughbreds started in 2009 and through its four commercial subsidiaries (The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc., The Jockey Club Technology Services Inc., InCompass Solutions Inc. and The Jockey Club Racing Services Inc) The Jockey Club will have contributed $600,000 to the initiative since its inception.

Two beneficiaries of the Program are Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF). The funds are directed specifically to TCA’s Thoroughbred retraining and adoption initiatives, and TRF’s vocational training at correctional facilities.

“Many Thoroughbreds can be retired to a supportive home or transitioned into a productive post-racing career, and we encourage all owners and breeders to consider making a contribution through our retirement checkoff program when they register their foals this year,” said Jim Gagliano, the president of The Jockey Club.


Aki AKITANI (Deputy Secretary General)