Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Belgian Court obliges ISP to use anti-piracy filter

A Belgian court has ruled that one of its national internet service providers must install a filter to prevent its internet users from illegally downloading music. The case was initiated by the Belgian society of authors, composers and publishers

The case sets another precedent were the gateways to the Internet are forced to apply technical technical measures to stop unauthorised trade. Another precedent was set a year ago by the Italian government, who introduced a law that obliges ISPs to block traffic with unauthorised betting operators.

Like music, the horseracing and betting industry also suffers from the unauthorised (read “unpaid for”) use of their product on the Internet.

Other countries that prepare legislation that impose new rules on ISPs are Sweden and the UK. In Sweden, a proposal for law would allow right owners to request the identity – the IP number – of internet users who have infringed their rights. In the UK, the Treasury department has announced measures against ISPs if they are unable to reduce copyright violations by the end of 2007.