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Latest on exchange wagering in Australia

The Australian Racing Board welcomed the official news that the Northern Territory Government will not be considering any applications for betting exchange licensing.

The Australian racing industry strongly opposes betting exchanges, but as Northern Territory has no significant racing industry, it could have been tempted to license them to attract inward investment.

As online gaming legislation is a decentralised competence, the licensing of betting exchanges in one state could have meant that other states would follow in order not too lose out on this controversial business.

Andrew Ramsden, Chairman, Australian Racing Board, is pleased about the decision and adds: "...The racing industry is committed to working with each State and Territory Government to put in place such legislative measures dealing with advertising, publication information and administrative services related to exchange wagering, that are available. These measures should be implemented to limit much as possible the capacity of betting exchanges to continue to operate on Australian racing."

The Australian Racing Board also reaffirmed its intention to further lobby Federal Government for action on its part to prevent betting exchanges from operating on Australian racing.

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