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2006 Report of US Mares Bred Statistics

The Jockey Club today reported that 3,053 stallions covered 59,434 mares in North America during 2006, according to Reports of Mares Bred (RMBs) received through Oct. 12, 2006.

The statistics include the number of mares bred to each stallion and represent approximately 90 percent of the mares bred in 2006. Based on historical trends, The Jockey Club expects to receive an additional 800 to 1,000 RMBs from the 2006 breeding season.

The number of stallions declined 1.4 percent from the 3,097 reported at this time in 2005, while the number of mares bred increased 1.2 percent against the 58,739 reported at this time last year.

The number of stallions bred to 100 or more mares in 2006 was unchanged at 126 when compared with the returns for 2005 at this time last year. These 126 stallions covered 16,222 mares in 2006, or 27.3 percent of all mares reported bred.

Unlike in 2005 when four stallions covered more than 200 mares each, Roman Ruler led all stallions in 2006 with 197 mares bred, two more than El Corredor. Giant’s Causeway and Stormy Atlantic each covered 191 mares.

States or provinces in which a stallion covered at least 100 mares were Kentucky (94 stallions), Florida (17), Maryland (5), New York (4), California (2), Louisiana (2), Arkansas (1) and Ontario (1).

The continued growth in stallion book size and the increase in mares reported bred compared with last year at this time support our previous forecast for a slight increase in the 2007 North American registered Thoroughbred foal crop to 37,500,” said Matt Iuliano, The Jockey Club’s vice president of registration services. “We encourage those who haven’t already done so to submit their RMBs as soon as possible so that we can issue their Service Certificates.”

During the 2006 breeding season, the stallions in 12 states and provinces covered at least 1,000 mares, paced by Kentucky where 330 stallions covered 21,172 mares, or 35.6 percent of all of the mares reported bred in North America. RMB statistics for all reported stallions in 2006 are available through the Publications and Resources section of The Jockey Club’s website at