Tuesday, March 07, 2006
UK Guidelines for advertising of remote gaming operators

The UK Gambling Commission published guidelines for advertising of gambling services. These guidelines will apply to both domestic and foreign suppliers of gambling services and are in particular introduced for the latter. As the Gambling Commission admits, online gaming operators have led to “ a dramatic increase in advertising by those overseas operators seeking to access a British market.”

The new guidelines intend to reinforce the rules by the old law on gaming, according to which “..There is no prohibition on advertisements which informs the public of gaming facilities overseas, as long as those advertisements do not invite such persons to gamble.” In other words, gambling adverttising can inform cusumers about gambling opportuniies, but cannot encourage to play.

The current guidelines give various samples of advertising slogans that will not be permitted. However, advertisers are bound to come up with various innovative ways of advertising and promotion to 'inform' the public of their services and the effect of the guidelines may be limited.

The effect of the Guidelines are also limited as they only apply to advertising by British based publishers. Advertising by for example banners on foreign websites is not covered.

The Guidelines can be found on he Gambling Commission’s website: