Sunday, February 26, 2006Contact: Simon Cooper, NZTR
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Insurance for jockeys visiting New Zealand

In advance of the new Auckland Carnival on 4,8 and 11 March, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing wishes to clarify insurance accident cover provided in New Zealand for visiting international Jockeys who compete in races in New Zealand.

Visiting Jockeys are eligible for assistance in the event of injury while in New Zealand.

The ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) will help to pay for a Jockey’s care. This means paying towards the cost of treatment and helping in the recovery from the injury. Emergency treatment at a public hospital is fully paid for by ACC.

This assistance only covers injuries that happen in New Zealand and is only available for costs incurred while the person remains in New Zealand. ACC does not cover illness.

It is important that visiting international Jockeys, who intend to ride in New Zealand, are fully aware of these conditions prior to riding in this country. Further clarification on the extent of this assistance is available on +64 4 918 7700 or can be found on the ACC’s website through the following link:

In the event that a Jockey requires additional insurance coverage - for example, to be available for treatment received upon return to his/her home country - personal insurance arrangements must be made by the Jockey.

In this regard, contact should be made with the local Jockeys’ Association to seek assistance.

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